Pre-orders For Nintendo Switch Open At GameStop Italia And UK


Nintendo Switch is generating a lot of buzz right now  leading up to the all important announcement on January 13 at NewYork which is going to be a 5 hour event , preceeded by a webcast from Tokyo on January 12. In anticipation of the event it appears Gamestop Italia has actually opened Pre-orders or more likely a place holder price for the Nintendo Switch.

It seems as if GameStop has finally started taking pre-orders for the Switch on its GameStop Italia website.  The price is titled at 399.98 Euros which is more than the rumored 299.00 price; however GameStop does claim it will refund the difference if there is indeed a price difference.

At the time of writing this it also appears that Pre-Orders are also live for UK as well.

More details are bound to follow after Nintendo Switch event which is set for January 13th, however there are still no pre orders available for the US GameStop’s.

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