Seth Rogen Optimistic On Preacher Season 3



The super hero TV show arena is getting increasingly competitive by the minute. Both Marvel and DC are aggressively ramping up shows. Marvel compared to DC and just like it’s cinematic universe has moved first in the TV show industry. The entertainment company was the first to amalgamate Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage into the Defenders. DC while still behind is also expected to create a separate show combining the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Super Girl and the Arrow into one show.

In addition to the traditional shows, there is one show however which takes the cake and is unique in it’s own way. That show is Preacher. The first season was more of a buildup for the shape of things to come. In the first season we saw how Preacher came to gain his super powers. The season focused on how Preacher came to acquire Genesis and began controlling other people’s mind.

The second season however took the show in more depth. The audience was shown a little more about the supernatural world with frequent visits to hell and introduction to the main villains of the show including Herr Starr and the Saint of Killers. However despite the new additions fans weren’t truly satisfied.

As reported by  Screenrant, there were some people who were not satisfied by the New Orleans settings and the frequent visits to Hell. However that can be remedied in preacher Season 3.

The CO-creator of Preacher, Seth Rogen is highly optimistic about a Preacher Season 3. Rogen for the third season has decided to make the show more in line with the comics assuring fans that it would be wild comic book mayhem.

This would be a dream come true , and would finally allow the show to further develop the main story arc , something which tends to get muddled with the back story .

Expect Preacher Season 3 to come out all guns blazing in 2018.