Pre-Order Details For Xbox One X Will Be Revealed At Xbox Live Show

Xbox One X


Microsoft has said time and time again that the Xbox One X will be the most powerful console ever made, and it seems that they’re (we’ll have to wait till launch to truly know for sure though) right judging from the specs that it boasts and the games it runs at outstanding resolutions. There is still no official pre-orders available for the console yet even though it has gotten a release date but that will change soon.

Game has a timer on their website which is counting down to the pre-orders for the Xbox One X, it is a little over 40 hours which is perfectly the time for the Xbox Live show that is to be held in 2 days. This means that Microsoft will probably reveal details regarding the Xbox One X pre-order at their event on Sunday.

Microsoft also recently delayed Crackdown 3, the Xbox exclusive that was due to launch together with the Xbox One X, and it will now come out in Spring of 2018. Due to the delay, many are wondering whether the sales of the console will be affected at launch or not as Microsoft has already suffered too many losses in the exclusives department (we definitely aren’t talking about Scalebound).

Michael Pachter believes that the game will have nothing to do with Xbox One X sales, partly because the delay was expected and he also believes that the console is going to do poorly at launch regardless of any exclusives. In other news, it has been confirmed that Project Cars 2 will run at a solid 4K 60 fps on the Xbox One X but the resolution isn’t yet decided for the PS4 Pro.

Xbox One X is launching on November 7,2017 and will set you back $499, it will come with Halo 5 and Forza Motorsport 7 for launch games. Be sure to stay tuned!