Pokken Tournament DX Is Now Live On Nintendo’s Eshop



Pokken Tournament DX as announced by  its creator The Pokemon Company, was said to be coming to Switch back in June. The game would have been an extension into the already burgeoning lineup of the Nintendo Switch. As so far no Pokémon game has made its way to the console as of yet.

Nintendo announced this week that a demo of the game would be hitting its Eshop and as for our fellow gamers in the US they can already get their hand on it.

Our comrades in the UK however should be able to download it today as stated by a tweet from Nintendo UK which has since been deleted.

For the ultimate Pokemon fans however this demo is a bit of a buzzkill as it only features a 15 battle limit but here’s a way to get around that which is surprisingly easy. Talk about working your way around things just to play a few extra levels of ou

All you have to do is delete the demo and download it again and you’re all set and if that doesn’t quench your thirst then Rinse and Repeat.

Pokken Tournament DX is out on Sept. 22 on the Switch,  All the previous Pokemon from Pokken Tournament Wii U will be featured in the game along with some refreshing additions from Sun and Moon.

Grab the demo now and tell us how you feel about it in the comments down below.