Pokken Tournament Is Headed To Nintendo Switch



Pokken Tournament which first came out for the Wii U will now be heading to the Nintendo Switch as well Nintendo announced recently. The Switch version will be titled Pokken Tournament DX. The announcement was made during a briefing during a Nintendo Direct event, the game will also include the addition of 5 new Pokemon.

For those of you unaware Pokken Tournament is a fighting style game similar to games like Tekken or King Of Fighters. In which two Pokémon go head to head in a battle to oust the opponent.

The team battles will be 3v3 and they will be an online ranked play, friendly and group matches. All the 16 playable characters from the version of Wii U are added in the edition of Switch as well as the five new ones: Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye.

Several online features of the Pokken Tournament DX will need a paid membership to avail the online service of Switch but this won’t happen until next year. It is going to be released on 22nd September. While more details will be released in the future it appears that we will be able to witness the games demo during E3 2017

This announcement has come out right before E3 2017. The Pokémon Company does not have a briefing at E3 but Nintendo is going to host its own event beginning on Tuesday June 13th where more revelations about the game, trailers and other things are expected.

However Pokken Tournament is not quite the announcement that many fans were expecting with a rumored Switch game Pokémon Stars thought to be the revealed game, and while we may get a potential Pokémon Stars in the near future it is still bit of a downer that gaming audiences were deprived of it in Switch’s first year of launch.