Survey Suggests Pokemon, Highly Likely To Be Released On Nintendo Switch In 2018



Nintendo Switch is a console that has managed to defy all the odds and managed to come on top. The console in terms of sales is far ahead of PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile the heads at Nintendo are hopeful for a rather optimistic 2018 in terms of sales.

Nintendo Switch was an innovation from Nintendo as it was a hybrid handheld and a home console. As consoles become more popular, game developers become more eager to partner with them, making sure they cover a wider target audience.

As reported by Comicbook/wwg, Felipe Lima posted a screenshot of a Nintendo Survey which revealed some important developments. One of the most important developments was that Pokémon for Nintendo  Switch might be released sometime later this year.

Pokemon is an iconic game when it comes to Nintendo. Over the years the franchise has developed quite a significant brand. There reports that the game would be like a traditional Pokemon game where a trainer goes on his quest to catch all Pokemon, capture all the gyms, master the Elite Four and become a Pokemon master. We currently do not know what  region would the game be based on. Nintendo might also consider coming up with a new region altogether, with a new generation of Pokemon. But this strategy might become repetitive. We believe like the Nintendo Switch, a new and more innovative Pokemon game should be developed.

Some other games revealed from the survey were Bayonnetta 3, Dark Souls Remastered and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. We feel that if Nintendo Switch sales continue to ramp a whole new lot of titles could also become a reality.

The above mentioned survey can be found in the image down below. For further analyses you can click on the image and it will take you to the Tweet in question.