Pokemon Go Buddy System Is A Go

Pokemon Go Fest

Pokemon Go’s buddy system allows users to travel around with a Pokemon Go by their side. Until recently there were no such details on the extent of this feature, however Pokemon Go Hub organized all the information available and uploaded it in a clear context for everyone to understand.

According to the Hub, the application will be using the same distance calculation used for Pokemon eggs. Users are hoping the updated feature is precise as until now in order to hatch a 10km Pokemon egg users have had to actually walk a few kilometers more than that.  Moreover,  walking with a Pokemon buddy earns its trainer a candy, however, there is a certain limit to the number of candies a trainer can earn in a day. It’s been speculated that for every 3KM trainers will get a candy, however the move will be tracked like the egg distance is. Also, trainers will be able to walk with one Pokemon at a time only.

For now it isn’t specified how far the trainer is meant to walk, what the actual limit is, and how the ‘buddy’ will appear on screen with reports suggesting an avatar will be displayed on top of the screen. In addition, Pokemon size will also affect the way your Pokemon walks since the feature’s code contains ‘buddysize’ tag in it. Users can choose from small, large and medium size. A look into the coding indicates that trainers will be able to chose the way they want their buddy to travel with them, or how they want its avatar to appear. You can have your Pokemon fly, sit casually on your shoulder or walk next to you.

Fans will be certainly excited to have a go at this feature and walk around with their favorite Pokemon from their list. Do you think the introduction of this Pokemon Buddy system is a good addition? If yes, then what Pokemon are you gonna walk with first? Let us know about your views and thoughts by commenting in the comments section below.