Pokemon Go Was The Top Grossing Mobile Game On iOS App Store & Google Play For The Month Of September

Pokemon Go Niantic

Pokemon Go has had phenomenal success, and it can be argued that the game actually brought the long running franchise into the limelight again. Despite reports of the game losing players rapidly, it appears that the “fad” as many would like to call it, is still doing quite well, that is according to digital games analyst for Niko partners Daniel Ahmed.

Here is his tweet which shows that Niantic’s Pokemon Go is still dominating the mobile games market.


Many expected the trend to die down, and while there has been a decline in the user base, the game still enjoys an unprecedented popularity, and it does seem like it will be around for quite a while.

There are also rumors that real life Pokemon Go events are in the pipeline and developers are looking into this possibility, which bodes well for longtime fans of the franchise.

It remains to be seen whether Pokemon Go can maintain its popularity in the long run, for now though Niantic can be satisfied that its game is still on top of the charts.