PlayStation Store Now Has Content Curation In The Form Of The Creators


A new feature has been spotted on the PlayStation Store which is called The Creators. Which is basically a list of recommendations made by the game developers.

The implementation by Steam for the third-party curation has recently come under fire for not being streamlined enough Due to this, it is going to be enticing to witness how Sony proceeds now that something similar is being tried by them.

On the 25th of May, The Creators was released and it is a try by Sony to get curation on the PS Store, and the most interesting factor of the feature is the fact that to boost interest it actually shows the recommendations of the game developers, and not what others have been playing frequently or the top buys. In a way you can say it sort of a sales pitch along the lines of here is what experts recommend, but instead of selling a product its a number of game suggestions.

The first lineup of the game creators comprises of PS boss Shuhei Yoshida, the development team behind Final Fantasy XV, Media Molecule co-founder Siobahn Reddy and CAPY.

Well, yeah, there are some foreseeable and repeated choices and that many people prefer good games while majority of them suggest their own releases! Some of these includes games like Sound Shape, to whom a shout out was given by Yoshida on Twitter and even Sportsfriends and VIDEOBALL. Not mainstream titles by any stretch of imagination but it is still an interesting concept and one perhaps which will give some of the lesser known games a chance to shine.

There is however, a lot of curiosity in order to see where this curation news leads to. Although, on Steam, there aren’t many people who even look at the recommendations of curator but it’s probably something worth looking into.

The Creators is now live in the US Store!! To get it, click here.