PlayStation Now Will Only Work For PS4 And PC In Six Months

PlaySTation 4

If you have a PlayStation Now subscription but aren’t the owner of a PS4 you might just want to consider cancelling it. Sony announced that its cloud gaming service will no longer be compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models, All Sony Blu-ray player models and All Samsung TV models. This leaves only the PS4 and Windows PC. The change will take effect on August 15th 2017. Sony has explained their decision in a blog post, they have decided to invest all their resources and attention in order to provide a much better user experience on the platforms that remain. They also thanked users of the discontinued devices for their support.

From a development perspective it does seem like a good decision since the PlayStation Now was perhaps stretched out across too many devices. Nevertheless it will definitely come as a disappointment to owners of all of the devices that are no longer supported. Previously users could get PS3 games on the Vita, on their PlayStation 4 or possibly any screen in their house compared to the options now which are restricted to just  a Windows machine or a PS4.

In all fairness to Sony they have provided ample time for PS3 and Vita users to complete any games they are currently playing as well as for cancelling their subscriptions if need be, within the next six months. The same sadly doesn’t apply to Bravia owners as 2016 models of Sony Bravia TVs will be discontinued on April 1, 2017.