PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Has Now Officially Sold 8 Million Copies

PlayerUnknowns Battleground


It seems that there’s no stopping PUBG when it comes to increasing popularity and sales because it has now officially sold 8 million copies worldwide! The developer Bluehole mentioned this at Gamescom 2017 recently.

This is one amazing accomplishment for a game that was listed only 5 months ago as early access on steam (we can only imagine how much more it’s going to sell when it’s out of early access). The sales figures show that, on average, 2 million copies are sold each month and these figures are increasing by the day.

The game is priced at $30 so, by that number, the devs have already earned about $240 million in pure revenue. This figure doesn’t take into fact the in-game purchases (vanity clothing) that were introduced last month in the game, these have generated quite a bit of money as they sell for a lot on the Steam Marketplace.

PUBG is only available on a singular platform (PC) and that is even impressive when considering the sales figures, but there is a Xbox One version coming up later this year which will definitely boost sales by a large margin.

Earlier today, Microsoft has just announced that they were further expanding their deal with Bluehole studios to a greater level of expansion. This means that they will allow the developers to get up close and personal with the Xbox One X so they can understand the console better (and in turn, make the console version of PUBG more optimized).

PUBG will arrive on the Xbox One family of consoles later this year and is confirmed to have performance enhancements for the Xbox One X when it is released.

If you’re going to pick up a copy of PUBG on the Xbox One X, let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more!