Most Played Core PC Games List Shows Startling Statistics

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Drastic changes in both the top and bottom of Newzoo’s and Overwolf’s Top 20 Core PC Games ranking made the past month quiet interesting to say the least. The major highlight was MMORPG World of Warcraft climbing three spots to claim #2 from its close to permanent #5 spot. The massive increase in player and session numbers isn’t that much of a shock considering Blizzard released the game’s sixth major expansion, Legion, at the end of August.While League of Legends has still retained its top spot rather surprisingly.

September’s PC Games Market Monitor reveals that WoW gamers were rarely indulging themselves with other titles, a significantly lower crossover engagement as compared to last month. Gamers were hooking up more on the MMORPG, which is quiet prominent in the increasing average session time. The monitor also reveals that the amount of people who quit playing WoW is quiet lower than in the past few months. WoW’s climb kicked Minecraft, CS:GO, and Hearthstone a number down each, with Hearthstone seeing the most reduction in players. Most surprising, however, was the massive amount of churned League of Legends players getting on with the WoW now. More detailed information pertaining to the churn franchises, crossover engagement, session times, and general performance of PC games across the countries can be found in the monthly PC Games Market Monitor.





In the previous month, Rainbow Six: Siege made its debut at #15 in the Top 20 core PC games. In September, the game had even better ratings, jumping six places to #9. After providing current Siege players to new content and introducing new players to the game by providing discounts in August, Ubisoft continues to support and help the growing community. There were a myriad of improvements to the game, like the recent Mid-Season Reinforcements update, which saw new gadgets being made available, attachments, and bug fixes. Ubisoft has also said that it will support Rainbow Six: Siege (among others) for years to come. This statement was followed by two separate discounts on Steam and in Ubisoft’s own “PC Game sale”.


While WoW made quiet a significant leap and Siege climbed with the greatest pace, the game that acquired the most spots (from #18 to #11) was Ark: Survival Evolved. At the start of September, the survival game was in the Steam Sale with a 40% discount. In the very same week, Studio Wilcard also gave some updates, like the Scorched Earth DLC. This expansion pack consisted of a brand new desert map, a new boss, new creatures to search, and new items to find.

Rocket League, which had a 25% discount on Steam for four days in September, climbed a spot to reach #8. The game also introduced a lot of new features, including the Rumble Update. Rocket League: Rumble consists of an array of wacky power-ups that contestants can use to battle opponents, including spikes, plungers, grappling hooks, and a giant boot to kick fellow cars with.


A few other significant changes were found in the lower half of the top 20. Garry’s Mod shot down three places to #13, though this may reverse next month when Valve releases a major update in October. Dota 2 and the multiplayer version of GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer both continued to steep low, dropping four spots each. Finally, we welcomed back two familiar titles in our top 20: Battlefield 4 at #17 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 at #20. EA temporarily made all five Battlefield 4 DLC’s available for free on all platforms, including PC, which triggered new players to play the FPS. For ETS 2, the 1.25 update fixed some bugs and upgraded a few features to improve the overall truck driving experience.

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