Platinum Games Have An Interesting New IP In The Works


Recently Platinum Games pushed out its’ PC ports of their famous titles, Bayonetta and Vanquish. The studio is now reportedly working on a new IP that is said to be quite the remarkable experience. They have been known to make amazing action-packed games in the past and we can only imagine what they have in store for us next.

At BitSummit in Kyoto, the producer of Platinum Games announced that it is working on a new “formless, shapeless IP” while holding back details by saying that he isn’t allowed to talk much about it. The perfect chance for a bit of a reveal for this new IP would be E3 2017 if they are planning to show it this year.

Atsushi Inaba of Platinum Games said that the studio might not retain its direction of making a title each year. He went on to say that they are excited about working on new games for the fans. He also confirmed that there will be details revealed the next time he gets a chance to talk and we can probably expect more of the new title later down this year.

Atsushi had teased about a new original IP back in 2016 too when he stated that the studio must develop a new IP to call their own if they want to survive in the industry. Maybe this is the title they are looking forward to rely on a trademark for the studio to revolve around.

“One big difference between Platinum and other studios like it is that Platinum doesn’t have any IPs to call its own. Even Bayonetta, which is closely associated with Platinum, belongs to Sega. Platinum must develop its own IPs and leverage them to have any success in the current environment”, this is what Atsushi Inaba had to say.

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