Platinum Games Founder Just Teased Bayonetta 3 Yet Again



There have been rumors galore regarding the supposed release of Bayonetta 3 in the near future. We last saw the Platinum Games series appear exclusively on Nintendo’s Wii U consoles back in 2012.

The game received critical acclaim but perhaps suffered a bit in terms of sales as its predecessor Bayonetta was available on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009.

Recently Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya may have just spilled the beans of Bayonetta 3 indeed being a reality , as he took to Twitter to answer some fan questions.

He was asked by one such individual “Is there an actual name for the world of chaos, like inferno and paradise? Like Gaia, or something like…” In response Kamiya had a simple and yet intriguing response: “Wait till Bayo3.”

Although this is a hardly a confirmation of the game’s existence , and there has been no announcement by Platinum Games so far deep into 2017. It does bring up the interesting possibility of a Bayonetta 3.

Which leads us to wonder on which platform will the game come out on? If you had asked me before the release of the Nintendo Switch , I would have gladly said that the game should be a multi-platform. However with the Switch’s recent success a Bayonetta 3 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch does sound like a concrete possibility.

Platinum Games has been a long time supporter of Nintendo, and they might just be willing to bring the game as an exclusive on the hybrid console. Most recently Platinum Games has also teased a port of the Wonderful 101 on the Nintendo Switch via their new Japanese Twitter account. Interestingly this Twitter account also Tweeted a picture of the Bayonetta games as a celebration for the launch of the Twitter account.However keen eyed observers noticed that the background matched the Red and Blue of the Switch. Here is the image in question















While this may be a coincidence, this could also possibly be a tease for an upcoming Bayonetta 3. Let us know your opinions by commening in the comments section below.