PUBG Might Be Getting A Physical Release For Xbox One; Brendan Greene Hints



Brendan Greene, the man behind the legend (the actual PlayerUnknown) of Battlegrounds, hinted of a possible physical release of PUBG for the Xbox One!

Greene mentioned the possibility while giving an interview for IGN at TwitchCon. Along with this, he also talked about the future of the famous multiplayer battle-royale and said that the team’s main focus is shaping the game into a long-lasting service (rather than developing a sequel for it). New maps, assets and modes /(basically any new and exciting content) is what the team wants for the game that is still yet to get a fully fledged release. The game is also very buggy as it is still in early access so optimization and bug fixes are also a concern that the team have to focus on.

PUBG blew up ever since it came out on early-access back in March and has been topping the charts! It was the very first game on Steam that racked up to 2 million concurrent players at a time, the game also sold more than 10 million copies less than 6 months after it’s initial release which is a pretty amazing feat in itself.

During E3 2017, Microsoft anonunced that PUBG will be coming for the Xbox One later this year

“Our goal is to deliver the best Battle Royale experience to a global audience and our partnership with Microsoft will allow us to do just that,..This partnership with Microsoft will accelerate the development and delivery of PUBG to console players around the world as we utilize their vast resources and impressive technical, sales and marketing expertise.”, This what the VP of bluehole had to say about the partnership.

There is no exact release date for the Xbox One version of PUBG but we’re sure to know more about it as the holiday season approaches (and the xbox one x release date too!). Stay tuned for more!