Phil Spencer Wont Take A Cautious Approach With The Scorpio, Also Interested In Mouse And Keyboard Support For Xbox One

phil spencer

Phil Spencer has recently taken to twitter to urge fans not to buy into the Scorpio hype and Pre-order the console , (No Mans Sky ring a bell anyone?) . In a tweet on Twitter He urged fans to wait until Microsoft had shown games on the Xbox One Scorpio to  make a purchase.

Today he further clarified his stance by saying that it would be great if people did pre-order the console , and that he wasn’t taking the cautious approach when it came to the console. He clarified its important for the consumer to see games up and running before making a purchase


Phil Spencer has also been quite chatty regarding future plans for the company and how he wants to prop PC gaming with Xbox One. Many users of Xbox have solicited for the Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox One and as per Spencer, he would like to introduce it.

Phil Spencer was questioned by a fan via Twitter whether Xbox One would support the Mouse and Keyboard for the game Halo Wars 2. In response to this, he said that these subsidiaries are unlikely to be supported at the games launch but are going to be added to Mouse and Keyboard support in the future.

Even though Xbox One has taken a lot of flak recently for the lack of exclusives and the cancellation of Scalebound its great to see Spencer being very honest in managing the expectations of the fans. If No Man’s Sky has taught us anything its important to not buy into the hype , and hence I believe Phil’s right on this we should wait till the time games are up and running on the Scorpio before finalizing its purchase.

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