Xbox Head Phil Spencer Wants To Bring Game Pass To PC


Xbox One Game Pass Announced

Game Pass Launched at the beginning of this month and early indications are positive. The subscription provides a Netflix like experience where subscribers have access to a number of different titles which they  can download and play on their Xbox.

Benefits of Xbox Game Pass

Apart from the access to a hundred different titles Game Pass also offers other fringe benefits such as getting 20% off a purchase of a game that is currently included in the service , and a 10% off on the games respective add-ons.

If you ask me for $9.99 a month its a pretty nifty deal , and one that is perfect for both casual as well as hardcore gamers.

Although the service has just launched recently the feedback has been quite positive , and recently Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to answer some fan queries. One such fan inquired whether any Play Anywhere titles would be heading to Game Pass anytime soon , so that he could get it for his PC as well. You can see the conversation that follows below.

Game Pass in Relation to PC

Currently looking at the Xbox Game Pass list there are many titles there are many games that would work on PC. However for an Xbox Game Pass to work for a PC it would need to have titles specific to that format and Microsoft would certainly be interested looking into it as a PC audience for such a subscription service would be huge. Recently we have seen that Sony’s subscription service PS Now got some serious traction when Sony confirmed it would also be available for PC as well. The potential market for a subscription service for the “Master Race” is an interesting proposition which can likely come to fruition.

Let us know what you think

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