Phil Spencer Says Exclusivity Deals Are Not The Aim

phil spencer

It has been quite clear for some time now that Sony has been winning in the exclusivity department with bonus content for their consoles that has been lined up for this year. Destiny 2, Call Of Duty WWII and many more have content that is going to be exclusive to the PS4, at least for some time.


Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, is not to concerned about this issue at all saying that they simply aren’t focusing on exclusivity deals right now. “It’s all just business. We have a long term vision for Xbox and we are building towards that. Marketing deals are great but not the strategy.”


Rather than focusing their resources towards exclusivity deals, Xbox are aiming to provide the best console version of these multi-platform games on their own consoles. With the upcoming release of the Scorpio so close, Microsoft will surely make full use of the console’s powerful hardware for crisp visuals and fluid performance.


The question is that will these improvements work in bringing over players to Xbox who would rather have exclusive/timed content? Microsoft have been pretty quiet in the exclusive games area as the controversial Xbox exclusive Scalebound was cancelled recently. Majority of players that want performance and better visuals prefer to go the PC way but the Scorpio might make a lot of them change their minds as it is set to be priced lower than most mid-tier gaming PCs yet still promises to deliver a true 4k gaming experience.


Most people prefer a couch gaming experience so Scorpio might be an entryway to affordable 4k gaming without the hassle of building a gaming PC. The PS4 Pro has been doing the same except most people were not impressed about the checkerboard rendering that the Pro uses to upscale games to 4k. The Scorpio is marketed as to bring native 4k to consoles and we shall hear more about it at E3 that is to occur is mid-June.


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