Phil Spencer Played The Very First Game On Xbox One Scorpio

phil spencer

2017 is set to be huge for Microsoft as it has been branded by many across the gaming community as the ‘year of the scorpio’. With the company set to reveal its upcoming console, the Xbox One Scorpio, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer decided to update us on the console’s progress through his Twitter account revealing that he played the very first game on the console and that the team had done a wonderful job as the games played great.

Great day, Scorpio update w/ team. Played my first games on early Scorpio unit. Games played great, console looked right, proud of the team.

Although there is a lot of fanfare and hype surrounding the Xbox One Scorpio, the consoles price could be a cause for concern. Phil Spencer already stated that Project Scorpio is a premium console but industry analysts have warned Microsoft regarding the pricing of the console.

According to Micheal Patcher the Xbox One Scorpio’s price should not cross $399. Patcher explained that if Microsoft decides to drop the price for Xbox One S to $300 by the holidays then they might be able to justify the $399 price tag for Xbox One Scorpio but Sony Interactive Entertainment has already set the bar with the PlayStation 4 Pro’s price.

Patcher went on to state that Sony will adopt a clever approach and reduce play the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro to $349 for the holidays to try and unsettle Microsoft.

In other news regard Project Scorpio, we earlier learned that Project Scorpio will bring Xbox and Windows 10 closer through what Microsoft calls ‘Project Helix’. Also Ark Survival evolved Dev Jeremy Stieglitz said that Xbox One Scorpio not only looks to be powerful enough for virtual reality it also makes it look good.

With 6 teraflops of computing power the Scorpio will be deemed the most powerful console in existence. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.