Phil Spencer: January Looks Pretty Good For Backwards Compatibility.

phil spencer

Xbox’s Backwards Compatibility feature is arguably one of the best things around the gaming hemisphere , with many gamers seeing it as one of the main reasons for purchase. Recently Phil Spencer revealed that nearly half of Xbox One users had tried out the Backwards Compatibility feature which is a big achievement by any stretches of imagination.

Yet there are still a lot of possibilities and indeed a lot of games which can come to the Backwards Compatibility program in the near future, and Phil Spencer believes that the future is indeed bright , as he took to Twitter to answer a fans query.

When asked if when the likes of Call Of Duty Black Ops , Bio Shock and Skate will be available on Backwards Compatibility Phil had this to say.

Although Phil exactly hasn’t revealed the titles name , we can make an educated guess and assume that Microsoft will want to start the new year off with a bang, and with a collection of more than 300 backwards Compatibility titles it would make sense that come January 2017 a major title is added to the list.

Furthermore Phil also added that Microsoft had been terrific in its support of Xbox , and that he would never blame them in terms of restricting him , or holding him back creatively , here is what he had to say on the matter.


it however remains to be seen whether Microsoft indeed embarks on a process which introduces sequels for its new or dormant Ip’s in the near future.

Phil Spencer is one of those guys who wears his hearts on his sleeve , and arguably he has been behind the recent resurgence of Xbox as a whole.

Let us know what do you make of Phil’s latest comments and what titles would you like to see added to backwards compatibility by commenting in the comments section below.