Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox Determined To Preserve Backwards Compatibility

phil spencer


Microsoft’s new project Scorpio is said to play Xbox One games along with many of Xbox 360 ones with the means of backwards compatibility. However the fans want to know that whether future Xbox consoles would still have the feature .

A fan on Twitter asked Xbox head, Phil Spencer if all the consoles to come in the future would have this feature by default. Spencer  responded by saying that everyone should know that this feature in particular that is compatibility in different devices is actually a very valuable feature for the company itself. Here’s what he said

“It’s challenging to predict the future, but for me, compatibility is a feature we should preserve as long as possible.”

Hence it is pretty clear that Microsoft and Xbox are pretty invested in the idea of backwards compatibility, as it is without a doubt  Xbox’s defining feature . Scorpio is compatible for Xbox One games but Microsoft did claim that there won’t be any specific Scorpio titles except for VR games. In the previous year, Microsoft established that Scorpio users will be able to play Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility as well , and hence it is a clear indication that backwards compatibility will be a feature for Xbox consoles moving forward.

Recently the Scorpio came under the scrutiny yet again after the feature of “high fidelity VR ” was removed from its official site. Since then it has been confirmed that it will still be a feature of the console, but no reason has been given so far as to why the feature was removed in the first place.

If it wasn’t this obvious before , Phil’s tweet should without a doubt confirm the fact that going forward all potential Xbox console’s are going to have the backwards compatibility feature. Its the console’s most distinguishing feature and it would be just silly to do away with it.