Phantom Dust Re-Release Comes Out Tuesday May 16th For Free


A surprise treat from Microsoft was Phantom Dust which came out in the US, all thanks to the involvement of Majesco, during the end of the original run of Xbox and years later of the work, a team has resuscitated the initial assets of the game in order to create a version which will work across the Xbox One as well as PC.

The business model of this idea is still floating in the air since the past few weeks, however, today the head of marketing at Xbox Games, Adam Greenberg officially broke the news that it is going to launch tomorrow and that too for free but will have a few paid DLC options.

The producer of the game, Adam Isgreen, described the game for those that have not witnessed it and said that it is an arena for battlers that are much underestimated for four players and it is where players can make their skills while utilizing their deck of cards.

In the year 2017 the re-release of Phantom Dust will give a chance to new Xbox One players to play the game , and releasing it for free is a really good gesture on the part of Microsoft.

So will you be playing Phantom Dust come tomorrow ? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.