Petition For Zack Snyder’s Justice League Original Cut Gaining Momentum



We take a look at how the petition for Zack Snyder’s Justice League Original Cut gaining traction

The much awaited Justice League franchise failed to make the same level of impact as the Avengers did. DC and Warner Bros after the Wonder Woman’s success seemed more relaxed and felt that their upcoming master piece would break through all records. However the projections were far below than what was expected.

Justice League was initially supposed to be directed by Zack Snyder. But after immense criticism following Man of steel and Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the loss of his daughter the director resigned handling over the mantle to Joss Whedon. The result however was no different.

The final movie that we got seemed like a mixture of both Snyder’s and Whedon styles. This was apparent when watching the film and was also brought in critiques of several critics. The Justice League wasn’t able to articulate the story in the most effective way which remained one factor for its low run in the box office.

DC fans are urging Warner Bros to release Snyder’s original cut for the Justice League. At Robert Mata from Peurto Rico posted a petition to bring back the original cut. The petition has garnered support from over 110 k supporters and is continuing to gain momentum. As reported by Screen Rant there were numerous posts on Twitter which claimed that the original cut was complete and should be released on the big screen.

Fiona for instance said that “Guys, I have to say I am sure, deadly sure, there’s a director cut #JusticeLeague exist, with VFX &even the score……it exists. It’s not just a longer or better version of the film. There’s a real final chapter of the trilogy out there. We have to fight for it.