Party Overlay Added In Latest Xbox One Insider Build, New Arena Game Announced

Xbox One

After the PC version of Windows 10, the Xbox One version of is getting a new update too that is scheduled to roll out today. The update will bring new features and functionality to the operating system, especially for Xbox Insiders.

Microsoft’s focus is the Xbox’s community features, and they’re trying to look for new ways to bring Xbox users to get together in order to enjoy competitive gaming. To make competitive gaming more accessible and common among normal Xbox fans, this month Xbox Arena will recieve it’s next installment. In addition to that, Party overlay will be added too today to allow players to see and access more information during group chats.

Xbox Arena is a relatively new Xbox service that makes competitive gaming more accessible to player by allowing players to create their own tournaments as well as join in competitive matches. The first game to be featured in Xbox Arena was World of Tanks, and Killer Instinct will be made available in the Arena for select Xbox Insiders. Other upcoming games scheduled to launch on Xbox Arena include  Smite and Halo Wars 2. Xbox Arenas first tournament, called the Killer Instinct Battle For New York, is also coming up very soon and will have prizes worth 10,000 dollars.

Good things seem to be heading for Xbox Arena. The feature is especially beneficial for players looking to test their skills against other battle-hardened Xbox players for prizes. Microsoft seems to be hell bent on making Xbox Arena a success with players, as is evident by the upcoming Arena-powered Killer Instinct tournament. This I fee is a step in the right direction and will be a welcome addition for Xbox One fans.

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