Starks Unite In Game Of Thrones Season 7?

Arya, Sansa and Jon Snow are all faced with the possibility of war

EA Believes Cost Of Developing Games Won’t Rise With PS4 Pro...

Electronic Arts believes that cost of game development will not rise because of the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio
Nintendo NX

Nintendo Explain’s Why It Named It’s Hybrid Console Switch

Nintendo reveals there are two reasons why their console was titled Switch

Battlefield 1 PlayStation 4 Pro Issues Will Be Fixed In Next...

A number of Battlefield 1 players have apparently been facing what is being called a ‘graphical downgrade’ after the November update

Phil Spencer: “ReCore Is One Of Those Games That Makes Me...

ReCore was recently released for the Xbox One and Windows 10. and Phil Spencer cant stop raving about it

SONY Announces Project Field

It’s not just consoles, televisions or VR that Sony is working on – it’s card games now
Final Fantasy

Roadmap For Final Fantasy XV Revealed, Character Customizations Included Amongst Other...

Square Enix has come forth with an update on their plans to support Final Fantasy Xv for the foreseeable future
Kratos god of war

God Of War 4: Shooting Almost Complete, Yet Still No Word...

Cory Barlog of Santa Monica has been actively answering questions and has said that the game has almost finished shooting

Stefanie Joosten In Death Stranding?

After Metal Gear, is Joosten going to be seen in Death Stranding?

Rumor: Nintendo Switch Will have A GameCube Virtual Console

Those Who own a WII U, will know that it basically is it allows you to buy and download classic games from Nintendo’s past.