Overwatch Insurrection Trailer Has Been Leaked Online

Overwatch PC

 Overwatch Insurrection update might have new character and even a new boss.

Rumor around town of the Overwatch Insurrection seems to be true as  a leaked trailer has just made its way to the internet and is now available on Youtube. There are several new skins which the players are going to get during the game through loot crates.

This is not news to us because we’ve seen it all already and being a fan of Widowmaker, I must not get hooked into the game right after it is released in order to get the supercool Widowmaker skin. Here is the trailer, although it’s in French but you gotta make do:

A very exhilarating thing to notice is that the skins part of the trailer is that Widowmaker isn’t in her blue self, as of yet. This shows that she hasn’t been transformed into the killer that she actually is and this is quite interesting. But we can only get more info on this after it releases.

Other characters including Genji have some pretty cool skins as well and they’re all worth seeing. Players can collect many other things from loot crates such as sprays. Check the Overwatch Insurrection update below!!

As the trailer comes to an end, a robot can be seen which seems like Orissa and he seems that way because of the super aggressive gun it is carrying. Perhaps it is a new character which we can play as or a boss which we have to combat against.

There is so much more that we still do not know about the update and considering how Overwatch Insurrection update is going to come out a lot sooner than expected , it will be interesting to see what the update holds

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