Overwatch High Bandwidth Update For PC

Overwatch PC

Overwatch just recently made its High Bandwidth available for the game’s PC version, ensuring a better quality online play that will let players stay in the game even with weaker connections.

Overwatch’s main Engineer Tim Ford and senior engineer Philip Orwig described the changes in detail and discussed the impact it would have on the users. Portraying the highly technical discussion in a nutshell, PC users will experience a smoother run of the game and with less surprises attributable to net code. However, this High Bandwidth update is not yet available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the engineer pair still trying to figure out how to bring out the update on the console. The update is available in most of the regions on PC for now, with very few not available.

Ford recently explained that the update lowers down the interpolation delay, which is basically the server guessing beforehand the player’s maneuver, the amount of speed with which he’s travelling and then transferring that on other player’s clients in order to ensure a fine smooth experience for each and everyone. In addition, players having a good connection will see the delay cut down to half by the new net code.

Ford further explained that the new bandwidth combined with the a good connection will see players have an added bonus. They will be shot around corners less, predict escape move more efficiently and the server will hear about it sooner. Users had a pretty good idea about these developments when they noticed the in game statistics and hints towards the interpolation delay. Orwig stated that the Overwatch development team had worked to ensure a stable online support through the game’s reveal.

Users will be delighted with this update and would be eager to try their hands on it as soon as possible. Are you excited with this development? Do you think it will be as good as it is portrayed? Share your views and opinions by commenting in the comments section below.