Overwatch Fans Rejoice As Doomfist Finally Arrives



One of the most awaited characters in the Overwatch universe has to be Doomfist. The fans have been teased for a significant amount of time about the characters availability. Now it seems that Doomfist has finally arrived , although most Overwatch fans will be left disappointed that he is not voiced by Hollywood A lister Terry Crews. Instead he is voiced by veteran voice actor Sahr Ngaujah.

His real name is Akande Ogundimu and he is an assault class hero who also happens to have a  cybernetic glove . Think of him as a sort of Cyborg like the ones you see in the DC animated universe who is working for the villainous Talon enterprise, a group which even comprises of the skull-faced mercenary Reaper, sniper Widowmaker and hacker Sombra.

Being an assault class Doomfist will be able to fire short bursts like a Shotgun to deal considerable damage  to his enemies and he also has the patented Seismic Slam which is a sort of a ground and pound attack, he can also dismantle his opponents with a rising uppercut a move perhaps made famous by Street Fighters Sagat. Additionally he also has a rocket punch to pulverize his opponents in the dust. His most powerful ability by far is the  Meteor Strike where he will basically fling his opponents into the air and then slam down in order to deal a hugely damaging smash which is going to look flawless to clear counter-players off of the aim. He can even generate a shield in order to have extra defense while using his abilities, and motivating rosters to be most active which playing as him.

Check out the introduction of Doomfist below:

Doomfist is available for PC players of Overwatch and you must try it out today on the game’s Public Test Realm (PTR) server and must be rolling out to different consoles and servers in the upcoming weeks.