Overwatch Director Reveals How The Game Came To Be And Praises Zelda BOTW


Blizzard’s Overwatch was a massive hit in the year 2016, and was nominated for and even clinched a plethora of Game Of The Year nominations and awards from various media outlets.

During a Recent AMA Session the game’s director Jeff Kaplan explained how the game came about after one of the projects that they were working on got cancelled , and they had a few weeks time to make a coherent pitch. Here is what he had to say.

“We were working on a game that got cancelled. We had 6 weeks to pitch new game ideas to the studio. If we didn’t come up with something compelling, our team was going to be redistributed to work on other projects (WoW, HS, HotS, D3 etc). Arnold Tsang was drawing these amazing characters. And during some of our game idea sessions Geoff Goodman was pitching really cool class ideas for a class-based MMO. We merged these concepts into what was to become Overwatch.”

He also was of the opinion that The Legend Of Zelda : Breath of The Wild is a “masterpiece”. Which is unsurprising since most key figures withing the industry have praised the game. *cough* Jim Sterling *cough*. Sterling has been in the spotlight again after he rated Zelda BOTW a average score , though I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Its nice to see though that at least Jeff can realize the game’s brilliance, and has praised it for what it really is a “masterpiece”.


In the AMA Kaplan also talked about the fact that Tracer was the first hero they implemented and that in the original draft she used to shoot lasers from her eyes. Imagine having to see Tracer shoot lasers from her eyes like a cyborg, well that would have been weird or would it? Let us know in your opinions in the comments section below.