Overwatch Devs Have To Regularly Put Up With Death Threats



It appears Overwatch Devs have had to deal with a number of different death threats over an extended period of time.

There are times when they get statements which are way too harsh and even scarier at times. Blizzard is concurrently bombarded with Negative Feedback from the community straining the team which constantly updates and improves the game.

The compassionate team behind Overwatch is working restlessly for the game we love so much and as a matter of fact the devs  love it way more than us Jeff Kaplan the Game Director recently had this to say

“it’s five o’clock on a Friday evening” or “it’s our kid’s birthday.” The team never excuses themselves from the game reminding us of the passion the team puts in the game adding that “We view ourselves as artists and craftspeople and we like to avoid that feeling of being ‘cogs in a large machine,’”

He further explained

“We like the fact that we own Overwatch together as a unified team with a shared, collective vision. There is not one person—or select people—who dictates what we do. We’re not peons of some visionary—just implementing his or her vision—and we’re certainly not beholden to any corporate ‘overlords’ telling us what we can or cannot do.”
This all goes to prove that how wrong the players are to send such statements for a team that is working so relentlessly for the community and the players. Blizzard opened such communication channels so that they can receive feedback directly to further improve the experience and this is no way to treat a hard working team.

Blizzard has however taken measure against such toxicity by severely punishing over 480,000 accounts out of which 340,000 were directly reported from the game itself. However this far from solves the problem and the toxicity does remain a big issue, one which needs to be solved sooner rather than later.