Overwatch Battles Toxic Players By Revamping Report System


Last night, Blizzard updated Overwatch’s PTR (Public Test Region) to include why a player shouldn’t or should report others after a game. The updated system gives players more options in terms of reporting toxic players.

The report system has recieved extensive changes. It now features five different categories: Spam, Cheating, Inactivity, Poor Teamwork, BattleTag, Griefing and Abusive Chat. A short overview is included, warning players not to submit false reports. Once a report category is selected, players can add additional info to the report before submitting it.

During Overwatch’s early days, it featured an ‘Avoid This Player’ option. This feature was abused extensively by players to avoid being matched up with higher ranked or more skillful players. Hence, the definition of each offense mentioned the in the reporting system categories is necessary to avoid players abusing the new system too.

Blizzard believes that the revamped reporting system, with the option to provide additional information, will discourage players from spamming reports and will make them think twice before submitting any. But there is no avoiding toxic players and trolls, and it is only a matter of time before players figure out a way to abuse this system too.

While it is good that Blizzard is conentrating on stopping the flow of false reports and battling report-spamming, the developer should consider more efficient ways of discouraging players from spamming reports. A penalty can be introduced for players that consistently report others as cheaters with no evidence.

For now, the updated reporting system is still in the works, and will remain in testing in PTR. Blizzard is yet to announce a release date for it.