Ori And The Blindforest Dev Calls Scorpio A ” Full Blown Next Gen Machine”

xbox one S

Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio has been the center of a lot of talk recently after it emerged that some leaked documents were acquired by Digital Foundry who then stated that the Scorpio might not be a true 4K console and would rely on upscaling resolution . Furthermore Phil Spencer also went on to say that he had just played his first game on the Scorpio, and that it looked great.

Many of us expect the Scorpio to be released in the upcoming months , and while we already know that Xbox One’s Scorpio will be way more powerful than the PS4 in terms of specs , one dev however thinks that the Scorpio is going to be far better than its counterpart the Pro

Thomas Mahler, a developer on the former Xbox One exclusive, Ori and the Blind Forest went on to a NeoGAF thread on Phil Spencer to offer his thoughts and opinions on the confusion which surrounds the console currently . He said ,Scorpio isn’t just some incremental step-up, it’s “a full-blown next-gen machine” as opposed to the PS4 Pro, which he called a “half-assed upgrade.”

However he was also quick to point out that it is critical that investing in marketing was critical to the Scorpio’s success . The Scorpio should not just be viewed as an upgrade to the Xbox One , I know that it has no exclusives of its own , but if the reports are to be believed the console packs significant “juice” to be called a mere upgrade on the existing Xbox One.

Microsoft seems to be leveraging all its hopes on the Xbox One Scorpio , and it will be interesting to see how the console performs once it is released in the latter half of this year.

So Do you believe that the Xbox One Scorpio is a “full Blown Next Gen console” let us know by commenting in the comments section below.