It Appears An Open World Fable Game Is In Development



There have been talks about a brand new Fable game in development and it is the second time a report has surfaced in this month. The first time was when a certain member, who has had an exceptional record for reporting accurately about what goes on in Microsoft’s development end, on the Reset Era forums reported about a new Fable game in the works. And finally Eurogamer has confirmed from it’s undisclosed sources that there is indeed a new Fable in development.

The new entry in the series will be a “a story and character focused open world action RPG.” and it is being developed by the studio that works on the Forza games: Playground Games. They will be in charge of the project and the game will be primarily developed by the workforce at their second newly-opened office.

The game still shouldn’t be expected to come out anytime soon because the developer is trying to find people to run the project with and actively filling positions as of now. Most people thought that Microsoft will forget about the Fable franchise after they closed down Lionhead Studios two years ago and cancelling Fable Legends (which was hyped up for a long time).

All of these rumors suggest that the franchise might be going back to it’s roots, much like Fable 3 did back in 2010. The following (Fable: The Journey was an uninspiring Kinect game while Fable Legends never really got released) entries were doomed for failure, but the rumored new Fable game  definitely looks very promising.

It will be interesting to see what direction Playground Games take with a well known franchise such as Fable. It is a great opportunity for them to cement their mark as one of the most renowned studios when it comes to game development

Stay tuned for more!