Open Critic Is Joining The Fight Against In-Game Microtransactions And Loot Boxes.



Open Critic is one of the two major aggregation sites for video games just like Meta Critic. A site known for showing a more crystal version of how it calculates ratings for various games.

Recently they tweeted the following message

“We’re going to take a stand against loot boxes,” the series of tweets begin. “We’re looking into ways to add business model information to Open Critic.”

Which marks them their entry into the ongoing controversial fray in modern gaming. Now Microtransactions has always been frowned upon by those players who are not willing to invest real money into full priced games hence making games a pay to win system.

Now the site is adding different modules which will rate the games accordingly if it has Loot Boxes which can be bought with either real money or not while also asking the fans for their help and contribution. The first filter for the aforementioned variable being named  “business model intrusiveness” filter. This filter would also cover how the game promotes the loot boxes/microtransactions whether through a dedicated in-game store, prompts during the gameplay etc, futhermore if the game can be completed in its entirety without the use of real money.

The stance taking by Open Critic is a pleasant surprise , but it is truly peculiar for the site of its stature to even be a part of this since it mostly calculates its review scores through other major outlets.

As Microtransanctions are now becoming the norm in major AAA titles and the feature being implemented in every other game like the recently released Middle Earth Shadow Of War for which surprisingly has put its Final ‘True’ ending behind a pay barrier it is finally time we realize that this has gone too far.

Open Critic has made quite a noble move on behalf on the community but the end game all falls in the hands of the players that would they still fuel this monopoly or let it collapse for a just way of gaming.