No Second Attempts In Failed Missions For Shadow of War

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Many gamers are pretty anxious to get their hands on the forthcoming game, Shadow of War and many of us were left disappointed when a delay in the release was recently announced. The game will now be releasing on 25th October 2017 worldwide. For PC, Xbox One and PS4.

All those who had the pleasure of playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will recall the uniqueness of the Nemesis system and whether a chief succeeds in killing you the second time you confront him, he is going to recall it and mock you as well. In Shadow of War, though a failed mission is a failed mission and you cannot go back and re-attempt it . Talk about realism eh.

Michael de Plater from Monolith affirmed this while talking to PCGamesN. If the player dies during the events of a siege or any other event time will move forward, and his allies will be captured and its enemies will gain strength in numbers. This is in a way as realistic as a video game can possible get , and is a great upgrade to the Nemesis system. This is one feature which will definitely set Shadow Of War apart from most hack and slash action RPG’s. While it means that no two experiences may be the same it can actually be frustrating for players who are primarily concerned with the story and want to quickly end a mission to advance. This would mean that they cant retry and would essentially have to start over again .

Yet this is a fun bit of innovation one which might be exciting for the first few times of play , but it has the potential to be repetitive . What are your thoughts on the upgrade to the nemesis system ? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.