No Man’s Sky’s Playerbase Decline Compared To Other Games


In no time at all No Man’s Sky has turned from an entity of mystery and marvel to one of scorn and debate. It’s a conclusion that has forced Hello Games and its director Sean Murray into hiding as the main forums of discussion have developed into wastelands of regret for its buyer’s.

In light if all this it does not come as any shock that No Man’s Sky‘s popularity has seen a steep decline. In-fact, its number of active players has gone down more rapidly than any other game in recent memory.

This is displayed very well through charts published by a user known as MatteAce, who has used SteamSpy data to evaluate how No Man’s Sky‘s player retention compares to other big name games released in 2015 and 2016. The results as you can see below speak for themselves;.





The 220k~ starting figure only goes to make the chart look even. This was the result of a booming multi-million dollar marketing campaign led by Sony and Hello Games which featured an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and also promises which made it seem to be the definitive space exploration game.

Despite the mammoth starting figure, No Man’s Sky was one of the most regularly returned games in 2016, indeed the news in August that Valve was accepting refunds from accounts with more than two hours of playtime only made things worse. It may have sold a lot of copies, and surely resulted in plenty of profits for both Sony and Hello Games, but will have also tarnished their reputation which may cost both companies in the long run.






Fans have demanded an explanation from Hello Games as to how the game they marketed ended up poles apart from what they delivered. There are several elements of the game publicized in pre-release demos that were entirely cut from the game. Sean Murray has stated that in the future he may open up and offer closure for fans. We hope so, because as things stand this game’s catastrophic turn for the worst is one of the biggest mysteries of our galaxy.