No Man’s Sky “Wins” Award For Biggest Launch Disaster At Total Biscuits Arbitrary Awards 2016

No Man's Sky

No Mans Sky’s Foundation update might have been a huge improvement; however, it was a case of too little too late. No Mans Sky will probably go down as the biggest failure of 2016. However for all its struggles it did manage to bag an award , and that was for the following category at Total Biscuits Arbitrary Awards 2016

The Stop Pre-Ordering Video Games Award For Biggest Launch Disaster

In the narrators, own words the other nominees were the backing band to the lead singer of “lies” that is No Man’s Sky. There have been times when there has been a lot of hype for games and yet it didn’t live up to expectations. Most will cite two Peter Molyneux games such as The Fable and Black and White series, others will say Spore comes to the forefront as well. However, the two Molyneux games were decent games which just did not live up to the initial hype and promise. The Fable series was a certain favorite of mine, and while by no means was it a world beater, it was still a pretty decent game.

Spore may not have been the perfect Galactic Life simulator but at its core it still had a decent amount of mini games to choose from. No Man’s Sky in contrast suffered from broken promises by Sean Murray , and over hype as well. At its core, it is just not a fun video game to play at all, and lacks the mechanics required to create a game which offers a fun and compelling experience. There is literally nothing that redeems No Man’s Sky it over promised and under delivered.

Much of the blame also rests on the shoulders of the gaming community as well, as we are the ones who do not wait for the first reviews to come out to make a concrete decisions , and flock to pre -order a game just because its deemed to be the next big thing.

In many ways No Man’s Sky remains a perfect example of why you should not pre-order a game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.