‘No Man’s Sky’ Subreddit Goes Full ‘Mr. Robot’ To Poke Fun At Hello Games

Sean Murray No mans sky

The official account of Sean Murray, the creator of No Man’s Sky and Hello Games chief, recently tweeted: “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.”

The tweet was soon brought down, but what happened next was stranger. Upon inquiry as to whether the account had been hacked, Hello Games stated that it was a unhappy employee. Other outlets received the same kind of responses, whilst others were told that the tweet  came from none other than Murray himself.

In the end Murray took to Twitter and revealed it was a hack after all in the most bizarre way ever by joking around and tweeting at the Hello Games account publicly asking them if they were “still hacked and stuff.”

Out of Murray’s several tweets one stood out

Murray tweeted:

This didn’t make everyone laugh though. Many complained that this wasn’t the greatest way to break months of silence.

On reddit, the No Man’s Sky subreddit simply made fun of the entire debacle.

One of the subreddit’s mods, UnimatrixZeroOne, posted this thread. If it reached 2000 up-votes, the mods would change the entire subreddit into a Mr. Robot subreddit instead. The post is currently at over 4000, and the entire subreddit has been transformed:

It doesn’t end there though. Several posts have spawned merging the weird hacker drama with No Man’s Sky PR nightmare.

Hilarious headlines like “Just spent $3000 to watch Mr. Robot early” now top the subreddit. That one is a parody of the gamer who spent thousands of dollars to obtain a leaked copy of the game just days before launch.

Even funnier is the fact that the new “Mr. Robot” subreddit has over 40,000 more subscribers than the original Mr. Robot subreddit. Who knows? This may even prompt more interest in the show.

 mr robot

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