NioH Review: More Than Just A Souls Game


So I just got around to finishing Nioh, and let me just say that I was left absolutely speechless . I knew the game would be a Souls imitator , but it turned out to be much more than that. Sure it has a lot of similarities to a souls game such as the bonfire system , and the same nitty gritty combat. But the game is much more than that, Team Ninja has done a fantastic job of giving the game its own identity.

I wanted to finish the game before I started writing a review, because I felt that I wouldn’t be doing the game justice if I left it in the very middle. I am glad I stuck around and finished it till the very end , and this might be a small spoiler but you should wait till the credits roll as there is one other mission in the Epilogue , that takes you back to London, and that’s all I will say about it.

In NioH you take on the role of Irish sailor William Adams, a sailor who arrives in the midst of war torn feudal Japan whilst there is a clash going on between the Ishida and Togugawa clans. However much of the story centers around the antagonist Edward Kelley and his demonic designs.


The story in my opinion is lacking , and a bit more detail could have gone into making it more compelling by focusing on William Adams . However the setting and the colorful cast of characters more then make up for it . Where NioH shines is in its combat and although it can be a bit complicated at times, it is still rewarding. You have the ability to choose from three different stances which all have their different strengths , weaknesses and skill loadouts.

Early missions will see you in the Tower of London , and a fishing village in Japan which lets you acquaint yourself with the games basics. You also you have the opportunity to learn more about the more complex stuff such as  different stances and how you can manage your Ki meter through the Dojo tutorials.

There are a ton of side quests which can help you get familiar with the games mechanics , and the use of Onmyo magic amongst other things.The action is a lot more fast paced than other soulslike games Darksouls and Bloodborne , this is a huge plus as this makes the combat quicker and much more exciting. I feel the stance system works really well here , a high stance opens you up to attack , but increases your damage, a low stance increases your defense and quickens your strikes and a medium stance balances both offence and defense. The option too choose between the stance more often than not can be the difference between success and failure.

NioH is one of the best RPG’s that I have played since the Witcher 3, which is saying something as William Adams could actually pass for Geralt’s brother in the game. The game has a brilliant combat system , and some fantastic side quests which provide just enough depth to the game. The only thing lacking in my opinion is the fact that the protagonist William Adams is pretty much a spectator in the events that unfold in the game.

I would still give the game a 9/10 as the game does a lot of things right , and has but a few minor flaws