Nioh Review Copies Out, File Size Is 40GB


Today review copies of one of the most hotly anticipated game for the PS4 Koei Tecmo’s Nioh have been sent out by the publishers to reviewers, so they have ample time to play and review the game before it launches on February 7. Unfortunately all the fans will have to wait a little while longer , as the review embargo for the game is going to be lifted on 2nd February.

Nioh meshes Japanese history and mythology and creates a world where mythology , action and fantasy come together to serve as the basis of an epic story.

The game follows William Adam’s journey to becoming the first Western samurai.

Last Year the game’s Director Fumihiko Yashuda  acknowledged that the game does share some similarities with Dark Souls, here is what he had to say

“I can’t say we don’t know about about Dark Souls. That would be a massive lie. We’ve had some influences from them,” Yasuda said when he was asked about the comparison.


We know also know the file size of the game  is 40 GB which for sake of comparison is larger than FromSoftware’s hit game Dark Souls 3.

The game has recently gone gold , and its director also gave us a clue about the story being around 70 hours long. I for one cannot wait to play the game , and for me it is going to be the first significant RPG  after  The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt .

With most Souls like games you can expect a lot of button mashing , and countless hours of trying to decipher the best strategy to get through to the next phase of the game, expect more of the same from Nioh.

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