Nioh Elemental Effects And How To Use Them


Nioh the action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja for the PlayStation 4 was released worldwide in February 2017, and was published by Koei Tecmo in Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment internationally. One aspect of the game that may have eluded many of us is the games elemental effects.

Status Effects are elemental effects and status ailments that may be used by William, NPCs and Enemies. Some enemies and bosses have special attacks that use these effects, or weaknesses that can be exploited. With the proper planning these could be an excellent addition to your arsenal and will especially help against some tougher foes. The frustrating part though is Nioh’s failure at explaining what exactly each effect does.

Burt do not despair as we’ve got you covered. Courtesy of a tweet from the official Japanese Nioh twitter account we have finally found out how they work.


Understanding Nioh’s Elements & Elemental Effects


  • The Fire Element deals damage to enemies over time when they’re hit with it.
  • The Water Element increases the amount of damage enemies take over time; hit them with water, then light them up with more attacks to see the bonuses.
  • The Wind Element is my personal favourite, and reduces the enemy’s resistance to break and ability to block/parry. Basically, use this to wear enemies down with relentless attacks.
  • The Lightning Element makes enemies weaker in a way that’s particularly cool for certain types of difficult foe – it significantly slows their attack and movement speed, meaning you can more easily dodge them, kite around them and so on.
  • The Earth Element is another favourite, as while it doesn’t have an immediate impact like some others, it doubles the enemy’s Ki Consumption. This is crippling, and can in turn lead to enemies being exhausted more often and thus open to some devastatingly powerful attacks on your part.
  • The Poison Element does damage over time – and to a greater degree than Fire.
  • The Paralysis Element freezes the target in place for a set time, letting you go wild.



An important thing to keep in mind is that these can be used against William as well so you’ll definitely want to keep your guard up.

You can get a hold of these effects via amulets, which add elemental damage to your weapon. A Fire Amulet adds the effect of fire to your weapon, meaning that hitting a foe with it will apply the fire elemental effect to them as long as they’re vulnerable to it. You can throw together several effects to deal with any annoying enemies or bosses.

Nioh is out now on Playstation 4.