NioH DLC Dragon Of Tohoku To Be Released In Late April With PVP


Koei Tecmo Games announced that NioH’s first DLC Dragon Of Tohoku will be released in late April for a yet unidentified price.

In addition to this a large scale free update is also planned which will introduce high difficulty missions in late March. By the end of April we will also get to see the online Battle Mode.

New additions will also include weapons,characters ,spirits,youkai and stages amongst other things.

The second downloadable content will be called “Japan’s Best Warrior,” and the third, “Peaceful and Tranquil.”

The company has also announced that they are increasing the date from February 22nd to March 1st to acquire the free “Armor of Japan’s Best Warrior” as an apology for the game’s shortage in the land of the rising sun.

Also if you purchase a season pass on the PS store you will get an additional DLC trilogy , and an original avatar. Furthermore on purchase the downloaded version of “Deluxe Edition”, you can get the main game, the season pass, Avatar for PS4, and five original weapons.