Nintendo’s Switch To Have 4 GB Of Ram (half of Ps4 and Xbox One)


According to a reputable source on Nintendo leaks, Nintendo’s new console the Switch will have 4 GB of RAM which is half the amount of the powerhouses that are the PS4 and Xbox One.

The news comes via Emily Rogers  who has successfully predicted about various Nintendo announcements in the past as well.

However there is some cause for celebration as there were rumors going around that the Switch would have only 2 GB’s of Ram.

Although the console is being positioned as a hybrid between a handheld and a home console current specs suggest it will be more of a handheld than a device which has the computing capabilities of a home console.

The Tegra processors that is powering the Switch is the same one that powers the Nvidia shield handheld, and now it appears that the RAM levels are suggesting that Nintendo may well not be able to compete with current generation consoles. (sniff sniff)

However there is a silver lining though as its RAM is significantly higher than other similar handhelds, considering that the Vita has only 512 MBS of ram while the 3DS only sports around 128 MB of RAM.

4 GB’s of ram is on par with current generation smartphones such as the iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy S7. If truth be told this is a bit disappointing, and it might be too early to judge the Switch but it appears that the Switch is indeed going to target the handheld market