Nintendo’s Stocks Boosted By 115% After Switch Release


Things are looking good for Nintendo after the release of its hybrid console Switch, with stocks at a rise since the launch . Infact, Nintendos stocks have increased by an impressive 115%.

Switch sales have been very strong ever since the consoles launch, but compared with other, smaller projects of Nintendo that boosted their stock, this doesn’t seem like much. For example, with release of the Pokemon GO mobile app that took the world by storm, Nintendos stock rose by 112%. Even when the Super Mario run app debuted on iOS, Nintendos stock saw a rise of 29%.

Nintendo has always been at the forefront of family-friendly games and innovative gaming hardware, such as consoles making use of motion and touch control. The Nintendo Wii, with its family-friendly games and revolutionary motion controls, was a major succes for Nintendo. But the consoles bigger brother, the Wii U, was a disappointment compared to the original Wii, and turned out be Nintendo’s worst selling home console. This was mostly due to a weak lineup of launch games as well as a lack of third part games and ports, meaning it could not keep up with it’s competitors and therefore did not appeal to hardcore gamers.

The Nintendo Switch seems to be going strong for now, but it is recieiving it’s fair share of criticism, with complaints about performance issues, storage capacity, battery life, lack of games as well as issues with the controllers and the overall build quality of the console. The Switch also cannot be used as a home entertainment, a feature that was prevalent in its predecessors as well as it’s competitors.

But the console has done alot in the short time since it’s release. Zelda: Breath of the Wild, exclusive to Nintendo consoles only, has been critically acclaimed as one of the best games ever. The game is also one of the reasons the Switch has been hard to find, as it sold out after release and is still scarce in some places.

Nintendo also has the holiday season to look forward to, as lots of fans will be getting their hands on a Switch. So it’s safe to say that the future is bright for Nintendo.