Nintendo To Release SNES Classic Mini, Will Ship With 2 Controllers

SNES Mini Classic


Remember the SNES? We all have fond memories of Nintendos amazing retro console. Even the thought of it makes older gamers nostalgic.

To help gamers relive the classic games of the SNES, Nintendo released the SNES Classic. The limited edition console was hard to find, and Nintendo soon stopped it’s production. But now there are reports of Nintendo launching a newer version of the console, called the SNES Classic Mini.

The SNES Classic Mini heralds great news for older, nostalgic gamers and younger gamers who want to experience retro games. So if you couldn’t get your hands on the SNES Classic, this is your chance. The newer, smaller console will reportedly ship with 2 controllers meaning you can relive the games of your childhood with a friend, family member or partner.

The console will have have both USB and HDMI support, so it will be compatible with modern displays and TV’s. The console will offer a large library of games, including classics like Starfox 2, Final Fantasy 6, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid and more.

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The SNES Classic Mini will reportedly release on October 5 in Japan and Sepetmber 29 in the US. The console is priced at only $79.9, so make sure you grab yourself one before they sell out. The console is another retro emulator to help people experience classics, rather than a competitor for modern flagship consoles.

Will you be getting a SNES Classic Mini for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!