Nintendo Switch’s Website States Batteries Not Removable

With just a month to the official launch, Nintendo on its official website has announced that
Nintendo Switch batteries will not  be removable so no more swaps between charged
This very insight was revealed yesterday on the official website of Nintendo in the part regarding
Nintendo Switch battery, it was also disclosed that a fully charged Nintendo Switch battery will be
operable for 2-6 hours depending upon the nature of the game that is being played.
Another important detail that has already been revealed by Nintendo was that the battery of the
Switch will be powered by 4310mAh Lithium ion battery.
It was also revealed that the battery inside is not removable and if any issue arises the battery
will have to be removed altogether. Furthermore the battery will be sought after an official
Nintendo Battery Replacement service provided by Nintendo itself which is a paid service.
This was found on the Nintendo’s official website:
Please note: the internal battery cannot be removed. If the battery needs to be replaced, we plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support.
Although there has been no clarity given when it comes to the cost of the battery replacement
procedure or whether the service would comprise of the cost of the battery. Speculations are
that the service will cost extra for the battery replacement.
Another debate that is going on is that if the Nintendo Switch battery is included in the original
product warranty or it doesn’t. Even if it is then it is most probable that the initial replacement will
be offered for free if the whole console is under warranty at that time.
Hence it is clearly not recommended that you buy the battery from a third party or change the battery yourself as it can lead to the warranty being labelled null and void.
All of the above information is available and revealed on the Nintendo UK website, however it is
not available on the American website. It may be the case that the policy varies from region to
Nintendo Switch is set to officially launch on 3rd March for $299.