Nintendo Switch Will Get A production Boost During Holiday Season



Nintendo Switch has ben a smash hit by all accounts. Nintendo’s hybrid console has gone on to capture the imagination of both the casual and the hardcore gamer, and is becoming one of the most hottest commodities in the gaming world.

However many gamers have complained about not being able to get their hands on the hybrid console. This has been due to production delays , which in part stem from the fact that Nintendo now has to compete for hardware parts for the production of Nintendo Switch. However that might soon change as in a recent interview Nintendo laid out its plans to meet the ongoing demand for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo while speaking to the The Wall Street Journal , stated that they are trying to make demands meet and are trying to ”Ramp Up” production for this Holiday and making sure that every Nintendo fan can get their hands on the Hybrid-Console.

According to Nintendo they plan to ship out 10 Million (boy that’s a lot) of the consoles to retailers by the end of their fiscal year . Though sources in the industry told WSJ they should be thinking to produce 18 Million copies as the demand for the console is at an all time high.

Before its launch and given Nintendo’s history many analysts had predicted that the Nintendo Switch would sell somewhere around the 10 Million mark . Not only does it look like Nintendo will achieve this target, but it is also becoming increasingly apparent that Nintendo will have a steady holiday season which will undoubtedly increase the number of units sold.

Analysts have had to revise their predictions and latest reports suggest that Nintendo will be somewhere around the 18 Million unit mark. Which is quite achievable considering that Nintendo is bound to perform well come the holiday season.

So do you think Nintendo Switch will reach 18 Million units sold by the end of the year? let us know by commenting in the comments section below.