Nintendo Switch Sales To Touch 37 Million In 2019



Nintendo Switch is a savior for Nintendo in the gaming industry. Not only has the product given the company a fresh breath of life , but the massive popularity that follows is certainly drawing the right attention from all over the world. Recent reports suggest Nintendo Switch sales are expected to touch the 37 million mark by April 2019.

Tatsumi Kimishima in an interview to the Kyoto Shimbun newspaper expressed sanguine on the future of the product. The company has forecasted a rather lucrative 2018. Nintendo Switch sales in 2018 are forecasted around 20 million units bringing the level to 37 million by April of next year. Kimishima believes the product has exceeded expectations and predicts the console to surpass Wii’s 100 million units throughout its life time.

Nintendo Switch’s Unique Selling Proposition is the flexibility it offers. Unlike some of the other consoles you can play it almost anywhere. Moreover, it also offers the conventional video game experience attached to your TV. The console also released some new titles and rejuvenated some of their popular characters such as Mario and Zelda to keep pace with the modern and changing times.

Nintendo Switch has undoubtedly had a stellar 2017 and Nintendo has even broken it’s own record by becoming the fastest selling home console in the US with the Switch selling an estimated 4.8 Million units ten months after it’s release , overtaking the Wii which sold an estimated 4 Million units in it’s launch year.

Nintendo is a perfect example of a company that’s battled through hard times and adjusted with modern consumers. It’s refreshing to see the company coming back stronger after the failure of the Wii U and capture the imagination of gamers worldwide.

Prior to the Nintendo Switch’s launch it was taught that this would be Nintendo’s last chance in the console business, and it may end up being a software centric company if it’s latest console failed. Well kudos to Nintendo to sticking to their guns and believing in their abilities.