Nintendo Switch Reportedly Priced At £199.99 In UK


More reports about the Nintendo Switch have been floating around the Internet and once again we have you covered. Today’s report comes via a fairly reliable source Let’s Play Video Games who have a track record of providing credible Switch info. Apparently UK specialist gaming retail chain GAME has been told of the Nintendo Switch’s wholesale price to retailers, and is preparing to sell their basic stock keeping unit of the system in stores for a price of £199.99.


Keep in mind this is not a Nintendo set recommended retail price since Nintendo does not set UK RRP prices for consoles. Although we believe this gives us a concrete suggestion of the sales price of the system across the country.


Reports also seem to suggest there is another stock keeping unit with more internal storage and a packed in game which is intended to be sold for £249.99. There are rumors regarding what this pack in game is, but it comes from only one source so for the time being we won’t comment until we have a more concrete source.

According to a couple of sources of LPVG additional Switch Pro Controllers will be sold at launch at a price of £39.99 at GAME.


Finally, there is reason to believe that Nintendo plans for the Switch to be near to direct conversion price similar across regions, which we may be a part of their efforts for the system to be region free. This would theoretically mark the price of the system in the United States at just around $249.99 and $299.99 based off our own currency conversions, not any reported information.


What do you guys make of the prices? At these prices in the UK this will definitely put the Switch level in comparison to the entry level prices for the Xbox One and PS4 which makes sense should their device be in any way less powerful than the current systems on the market. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.