Nintendo Switch Production Being Bumped Up To 2 Million Per Month



Nintendo is about to release their six-month earnings release which will detail how the company has been doing in terms of sales for their latest hybrid console, Nintendo Switch. Before the earning report comes out though, Nintendo has made another important announcement regarding the Switch production units which will be increased to 2 million units per month to they can reach their targer of 20 million units sold by the end of this year.

This bump in production stock has come due to the imminent introduction of the Switch to the Chinese Market, which is almost confirmed since Nintendo was in talks with Tencent about bringing Honor of Kings (A favorite in China) to the Switch. This deal confirmed that the Switch will be coming to China and this will have a drastic increase in the sales of the console for this fiscal year.

Apart from this, there is already a shortage of Switch consoles in countries where it is already available for purchase such as Japan and America, which will have to be taken care of before the holiday season if Nintendo aim to capitalize the upcoming season where console sales skyrocket.

DigiTimes commented on the shortage of supply of the Nintendo Switch and chalked one of the reasons to be the scarcity of key components for the hybrid console. These components are necessary and are produced in small quantity too. This is what they had to say about it:

“The Switch is currently manufactured by Foxconn and Japan-based Hosiden with Foxconn supplying over 50% of the overall volume. But ODMs such as Pegatron Technology and Wistron are trying to win orders for the games console. Pegatron has stationed a team near Nintendo’s headquarters, looking to persuade the Japan-based vendor, according to the sources.”

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